28 Days of Free Nutrition Coaching at PumpGyms Stourbridge

Hi, I’m Will and I’ll personally help you get in the best shape of your life with a little help from my friends at Precision Nutrition.

You’re likely here because you want to improve how you look, your health, and your fitness. To help you do that I’ll provide you with:

  • Daily support and accountability.

  • Easy to follow lessons and habits.

  • Coaching to help you overcome any roadblocks.

The full programme lasts one year.

That’s a year of developing and refining your mindset and habits around food and fitness for lasting change.

What to Expect

When we start our coaching we won’t be focused on WHAT you are eating, instead, we’ll focus on HOW and WHY. We’ll explore your motivations to build your willpower when the going gets tough and develop habits that will leave you leaner for the long-term.

What we won’t be doing is following a generic meal plan.

If you decide to continue with the coaching, we’ll work together to change the way you eat over the next 12 months so you’ll look, feel and perfrom better on any given day.


I don’t want either of us to waste our time or resources on something that won’t work for you. So in order to be fully transparent with how my nutrition service works here are a few guidelines to make sure you’re eligable:

  1. You are willing to set aside up to 15 minutes per day to work through the daily lessons I’ll be sending you and can commit to staying accountable by checking in daily on the online platform we’ll be using to transform your eating habits and your body.

  2. You understand this is a long-term investment in yourself and if you aren’t willing to commit to at least three months of coaching then you may not see any significant results.

  3. You’re not looking for low-cost coaching or one off meal plans.

What To Do Now

If you meet the eligibiltiy criteria above then fill in the application form below. I’ll call you so we can be officially introduced and to chat about your goals. If we decide we are a good fit then I’ll invite you to join my online coaching platform and setup payment (the first 28 days is free).

After that’s done, we’ll start celebrating your results.

By the way, your results are guaranteed as long as you are doing at least 70% of the lessons and are consistent with your habits 70% of the time. If you do that and don’t see results then I’ll refund your money.

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